Wednesday, 1 April 2009

BBC i Player now available on a Toaster!

Great news, the BBC Technical website report having ported their i-player to a toaster:

"BBC iPlayer is now available on so many devices that we thought... what next?
We've ported iPlayer to iPhone, Wii, PS3, Nokia N96, Sony Walkman, Virgin Cable and all the other gadgets and devices- what's the next big thing?

Our marketing team identified breakfast television as an emerging market segment for on-demand viewing and asked the iPlayer team to see if we could come up with something new in this space.

After months of top-secret development and testing, and many burned developers, we're finally ready to bring iPlayer Toaster Edition out of labs.

The iPlayer Toaster Edition looks at first glance like a regular toaster, but with the front panel sporting a 7" 1280 x 800 OLED display. "
(Full report at the link above)
I guess the reporter was Loof Lirpa? look at the date...!

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