Thursday, 30 August 2012

Positively Prague

Radio Prague is a station from the past that I still turn to a few times a week for an entertaining daily programme in English, with local news and views and a chance to learn a word or phrase of the Czech language as well.

They now have a monthly quiz too (I recently won a small repro retro radio) and still issue QSL cards, despite being an online only radio station. The series of 2012 QSL cards features Czech artists.

You can listen to Prague live or on demand at: and also via the wonderful World Radio Network at: where there are many more ex-shortwave stalwarts in English awaiting your pleasure. Plus some that were not on air in English in the first place such as Radio Algeria and Radio Banns from Denmark.

The QSL pictured is of Toyen. Radio Prague state that her "real name was Marie Čermínová. 'Toyen' was a nickname invented by Czech poet Jaroslav Seifert. She was a representative of Czech and international surrealism. She spent most of her life in Paris and was part of the circle around Paul Eluard and André Breton".

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