Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Spanish Three Cornered Hat

Radio Exterior de España currently has an hour long broadcast on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 2200 UTC on 6125kHz (in addition to their weekday programme slot of 1900 to 2000 UTC on 9605 and 9665kHz and 0000 to 0100 UTC on 6055kHz ). 

Unusually for an international broadcaster the interval signal, followed by the time pips, does not always lead to a top of the hour news bulletin. Instead it has been known to launch straight into a feature programme. 

I enjoyed the music of (and interview with) Spaniard Marcus Cole, a Madrid-based harmonica player who was well known in his own right but who also toured with The Rolling Stones’ Mick Taylor and Jimi Hendrix Experience’s drummer Buddy Miles. Radio Exterior de España also have a new English language programme for 2013.

It is called The Three Cornered Hat where presenters don their “respective hats to bring you news of developments of particular interest to each of the three members of the English-language team, Frank Smith, Alison Hughes and Justin Coe. It touches on politics, the economy, sports, and music.” Email the station at ree.rne@rtve.es

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