Saturday 16 September 2017

EDXC Conference 2017

Mika Mäkeläinen and Chrissy Brand talk with Liu Hengyi in China via FaceTime (Photo FDXA)

The EDXC 2017 conference was a smoothly run affair, with plenty of informative sessions and a busy social programme. I enjoyed the talk on space weather given by Dr Kirsti Kauristie of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. She explored how the ionosphere and other layers impact on distant radio reception. She also spoke about the approaching solar minimum. A visit to, and presentation about, local AM and FM low-powered station Pispalan Radio was of great interest.

The traditional EDXC Banquet was an entertaining affair, thanks to the excellent compere and DXer Vesa-Jussi Rinkinen. The conference incorporated the annual Finnish DX Association summer meeting and various awards were given out for international services to DXing. I particularly enjoyed another aspect of the social programme; a swim in a lake, followed by a sauna and lakeside part. It was lovely to meet some fellow DXers, male and female, and to talk of all manner of things besides radio.

More reports in November's RadioUser magazine but, before then, you can read reports at the British DX Club website and the Finnish DX Association (FDXA /SDXL) plus the EDXC blog.

Thursday 29 June 2017

Sporadic post, Sporadic E

Enjoying hearing various European stations on FM this summer on the UK south coast. Along with the usual Radio France Inter, Musique, Bleu Nord, Europe 1, Rire et Chansons etc. I've picked up Italy, Netherlands and Spain this month, just on a simple car radio. RNE Clasica was a first for me. 

Those with sophisticated equipment have managed to hear North Africa, eastern Europe and, depending on their location, Scandinavia. Still a couple of months of the Sporadic E season to go- and hopefully some good conditions too, though I don't pretend to understand this phenomenon.

Also, a pirate/free radio station based in East Sussex? Sharp FM- an RDS but just an empty carrier when I parked and took the photo.

Monday 15 May 2017

Govorit Tirana!

Radio Tirana lives on! After announcing the closure of its short wave service at the end of the B16 season (RadioUser, June 2017: xx), it can still be heard, thanks to WRMI and the Shortwave Service. Both stations now relay Radio Tirana's daily broadcasts via Kall Krekel in Germany and Okeechobee in the US.

The schedule for the Albanian state broadcaster is Monday to Saturday to Europe on 6005kHz via Kall Krekel from 1800 to 1830 UTC in Italian, 1830 to 1900 UTC in French, 1900 to 1930 UTC in English and 1930 to 2000 in German, which is also heard on 3985kHz. North American audiences can tune into a daily English broadcast from Monday to Friday on 5850kHz via WRMI in Okeechobee at 2300 UTC. 

If that news doesn't tempt you, then maybe the programme details will. Each broadcast commences with a news bulletin and, on weekdays, a press review. On Saturdays, you'll hear Mosaic of the Week. Monday's transmission has programmes on culture, sport and Albania in a Week. An interview is carried on Tuesday, while Wednesday looks at integration with the EU and has a music programme called Hits Through the Years. Facts and economics abound on Thursday along with tourism. There is a profile of individuals and organisations on Friday, while Saturday consists of tourism, culture and the popular folk music programme.

Radio Tirana's daily programmes in English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Serbian and Turkish can now also be heard online from Monday to Saturday.

Apologies for the lack of posts in recent months. I was the editorial assistant at RadioUser for six months, which didn't work out but took lots of time, Along with that, I had a house move and lots of political activity too. I hope to retain the blog and update more regularly but cannot promise anything!

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