Saturday 7 February 2015

World Radio Day Friday 13 February 2015

The 4th UNESCO World Radio Day is Friday 13 February. This year it focuses on radio for, by and with youth (i.e. people under 30 years old).

There are various events around the world and hopefully the day will engage with radio stations large and small too. I never understand why UK commercial stations and most BBC stations seem to ignore it. Considering the amount of air time they have to fill and judging by the mediocre content that many produce, you would think a chance like this would be a golden opportunity: Interviewing young people, hooking up with other stations, playing music from around the world suggested by young people and other stations, giving a show or two across to people under 30 to produce and present- the potential is great.

PCJ Radio International’s Media Network Plus show of 31 January was ahead of the pack as usual. It interviewed UNESCO Chief of Section, Communication and Information Sector, Mirta Lourenco. She emphasised a need for greater social inclusion of the young generation. A speech from and BBC World Service Director Peter Horrocks stated his commitment to youth radio but I can see and hear nothing to back this up in actual content- it sounded like he was reading a script and giving empty platitudes but I look forward to being corrected.

Broadcasters from around the world will be on air live from UNESCO HQ in Paris on Friday, 13 February. These include MC Doualiya (ar) | Radio Orient (fr) | Radio VL (fr) | RFI (fr) | and Vivre FM (fr).   The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and UNESCO are also hosting a joint live broadcast all day, which will be streamed online. Visit the ITU website for more details.

There are also other events going on all over the world - see what's happening near you by visiting the World Radio Day Crowdmap. I am attending an event in London. 
Radio Romania International as always, will be hoisting a special programme for its shortwave and online audiences.

Check out the World Radio Day Soundcloud page too, now, on the 13th and after.

Happy World Radio Day for the 13th February, fellow listeners!

Tuesday 3 February 2015

A plea to UK commercial and community radio stations

My message to CAT Radio in Cheshire on their launch.

Good luck with the launch of CAT Radio- Hope you follow the example of quality community stations such as Salford City Radio, ALL FM Manchester and Resonance FM in London, and produce diverse, informative, interesting programmes. Please don’t be tempted down the route of most commercial radio stations and many community radio stations and end up relying on playing jaded old singles from the past. You have a chance to open your audiences’ (and sponsors’) ears to exciting new (and old) music and intelligent speech programming. 

These opinions are my personal views and not necessarily those of any publishers, music organisations or clubs that I work with. 

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