Tuesday 3 February 2015

A plea to UK commercial and community radio stations

My message to CAT Radio in Cheshire on their launch.

Good luck with the launch of CAT Radio- Hope you follow the example of quality community stations such as Salford City Radio, ALL FM Manchester and Resonance FM in London, and produce diverse, informative, interesting programmes. Please don’t be tempted down the route of most commercial radio stations and many community radio stations and end up relying on playing jaded old singles from the past. You have a chance to open your audiences’ (and sponsors’) ears to exciting new (and old) music and intelligent speech programming. 

These opinions are my personal views and not necessarily those of any publishers, music organisations or clubs that I work with. 


John J said...

I couldn't agree more!
Although not commercial, BBC R Manchester decided, in their infinite wisdom, to stop broadcasting a really excellent local folk music programme.
The slot is now given over to some damn stupid game where 22 blokes kick a ball around a field. Mindless.
The good news is that Oldham Community Radio have, er, picked up the ball and are now broadcasting the folk programme - and they're doing a good job.
Oldham Community Radio: 1
BBC R Manchester: 0

Chrissy Brand said...

A man after my own heart John ;-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Chrissy

Tony (The Be Reet Radio Show)
Salford City Radio

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