Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Radio Websites links May 2007

Links for the websites mentioned in Chrissy Brand’s Radio Websites column (May 2007) in Radio User, Britain’s best radio listeners' magazine:

With the millions of websites that demand your attention, how can you make the most of your time online? The Radio Websites column helps you pick and choose from a wide selection of those covering radio.
We look at websites of traditional on-air radio stations or Internet radio stations, new technologies, of blogs and individuals with something to say on the subject of radio, collectors of radio ephemera, radio clubs and communities. There’s always something interesting or new to discover.
As to how many websites are currently out there, the figure changes constantly of course. However, an estimate of around 110 million websites would not be too wide of the mark, according to Netmark:

May 2007
Virgin Radio in the UK now accept reception reports: And don’t go thinking you can escape the Branson Empire overseas. Virgin radio also run stations in France, India and Thailand.

Excellent independent blog on Indian radio maintained at:

Wedding Birthday FM, Anniversary FM and Party FM that were launched last year along similar lines:

Time now for a wander around the dusty aisles of some fantastic radio museums

Australian bakelite radios:

In the Czech Republic there is Martin Hajek’s:
There are some marvellous old television programme extracts too:

Rottenburg radio museum in Germany:

Swede Rolf Bergendorff’s museum:

The Hammond museum of radio is in Ontario:

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