Friday 1 June 2007

Radio Websites Links June 2007

Links for the websites mentioned in Chrissy Brand’s Radio Websites column (June 2007) in Radio User, Britain’s best radio listeners' magazine:

June 2007
10 Gold:

The Radio Netherlands’ Media Network:

Bill Winchester in Eastbourne suggests the following websites which he found when he downloaded Internet Explorer 7 a while back:

There are of course, many other links to golden oldies Internet radio. Try some of these out:

Some current favourites of mine, covering music old and modern, include obscure 1960s music at Jangle Radio:

Spectropop's Girl Pop with sixties girl groups at:

Mandarin radio-

Mediterranean Folk, which emanates from a station in Houston, Texas:

Summer Festivals 2007
Starting in Manchester, and there is a visually exciting website at:

Manchester festival from 28 June to 15 July:

Manchester Jazz Festival:

Radio Glastonbury will be on 106 MHz FM:

Myspace page for the station at:

Radio Avalon:

Antigua Carnival:

Observer Radio 91.1 FM at:

A full list of Antigua radio can be found at:

The Quebec summer festival review at the Travel Lady website:

Details of the festival are at:

Check out Rythme FM:

Galaxie radio for festival starters:

Japan too has a Summersonic rock festival at:

The most bizarre festivals of the summer appear to be taking place in Finland. There is a full list at:

Just to give you a feel for some of them, there are the hay mowing world championships on 1 July: scary sounding Witch Trials from 5-9 July:
-and the world mobile phone throwing championship on 19 August:
If you don’t believe me then check out the video footage, photos and results from previous years’ events, at the English language website:

National broadcaster YLE Radio Finland’s website should provide some coverage: then
There is also an entertaining English speaking podcast which goes under the label of Radio Free Finland, at:

The Association of Finnish Broadcasters:

has some good links to media in the country including an English news video bulletin:

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