Saturday, 30 July 2011

Some Summer shortwave schedules

First published as part of  "Long, Medium and Shortwave Broadcast Matters" in Radio User, PW Publishing, June 2011, 

A reminder that the British DX Club (BDXC) "Broadcasts In English" guide for the A-11 shortwave season  covers all English broadcasts from end of March to end of October 2011, in UTC time format, with frequencies and target areas, along with other useful information. A handy A5 guide it’s easy to take away with you on your summer travels too. Available from BDXC (BIE), 10 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, Reading, RG4 7SB. It costs £2.50 in the UK for a paper copy (cheques to British DX Club) and it is also available as a pdf version for the same cost. More details at

Radio Bulgaria have a range of music and entertainment, DX and listener programmes for your delectation over the summer months. With an audience that stretches from Denmark to New Zealand, Peru to the UK you can contact them by post at English Section, Radio Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria or by e-mail to  

They are easily heard on 7400 and 9700kHz at 1730 UTC and 5900 and on 7400kHz for an hour from 2100 UTC. The “Answering your letters” programme does what you would expect, compiled by Rossitsa Petkova. It's nicely seasonal too, way back at Eastertide I heard about the Paschal celebrations in Bulgaria, and how to prepare the special sweet bread called kozunak.

Radio Romania International’s summer schedule for western Europe is quite straightforward, with a morning broadcast on 15210 and 17510kHz from 1100 to 1200 UTC. In the evenings you can tune in on 11735kHz from 1700 to 1800UTC and a half hour from 2030UTC on 11880kHz. You could also try their broadcasts to the east coast of North America for an hour from midnight UTC on 7385 and 9580kHz.

To follow Japan’s post earthquake progress you can turn to NHK Radio Japan at the following times for Europe and Africa until the end of October. 0500 to 0530 UTC on 5975 and 11970kHz and 1400 to 1430 on 21560 kHz.

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