Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The look and the listen

A very useful blog located in Bulgaria but written in English started last autumn at http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/  The anonymous author writes that “I'm going to start posting reception reports of shortwave broadcasters from all over the world, including religious broadcasts, European national broadcasters, programmes from Asia and last but not least - radio pirates. I will also include listings of Numbers stations, military communications, CW beacons and Ham radio operators.”

Another good blog in similar vein is that of Vitaliy, from Kharkiv in Ukraine “of radio-observations of distant, low-power and other interesting radio stations on SW and sometimes MW”. http://dxlisner.blogspot.com/  

The Look 24/7 is an internet based radio station featuring podcasts and personalities with “unique styles and good taste”. Chris Freitas’ Shortwave America programme will appear on the station which you can hear at http://thelook247.com/  Presenters come from all over, including Dundee, Glasgow, Chicago and British Colombia .

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LZ2GPB said...

Thanks and 73 from Bulgaria! I added your blog to my links section on the right of the blog!

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