Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Egyptian elections today: Oscillate wildly?

Vintage QSL card from the 1950s

Coverage of the elections in full I assume on Radio Cairo’s English service from today and the results' impact over the coming weeks. Either way, if the Cairo broadcasts are technically reliable, you are guaranteed some interesting programmes and music.

Radio Cairo’s current shortwave schedule (until late October 2012)  is:

0200 to 0330 UTC on 9315kHz to the Americas
1215 to 1330 on 17870 to Asia
1600 to 1800 on 15345 to Africa
2000 to 2030 on 15290 to Africa
2115-2245 on 6270 to Europe
2300 to 0030 UTC on 6270kHz to the Americas

Some problems with Radio Cairo audio are illustrated here:
Happy memories of their German service back in 1974 at:
Jah Wobble remembers listening into and being influenced by Cairo on shortwave when growing up:

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