Monday, 17 September 2012

The Voice of Turkey's Anatolian delights

Extract from my monthly Long Medium and Shortwaves Broadcast Matters column in Radio User, September 2012  

Radio User reader Bradley Allen reports hearing TRT Voice of Turkey on 9785kHz with its DX Corner programme which began at 1844 UTC on a Saturday. He asks if the programme is aired in any other languages.

The station does broadcast in about 35 languages, so I would be fairly sure that many of these carry a version of DX Corner. If you know for sure please do contact me.

Some DX Corners can also be heard as podcasts, as can many other of the excellent programmes such as From Our Correspondents (a popular programme title at many stations) and The Legends of Anatolia via  

Bradley also mentioned extremely good reception of Turkey on 15450kHz at 1235 UTC with a maximum 55555 SINPO, with their Letterbox programme. The Voice of Turkey can be emailed at  and I know that they really do appreciate your letters or emails, especially as they are marking 75 years of broadcasting in 2012.

The schedule in English is 6165 and 9515kHz from 0300 UTC for an hour; then it’s 15450kHz for an hour from 1230 UTC. This is my lunchtime listening of choice, if I am around and I tune in over a bowl of salad and a sandwich.

Ankara returns in the early evening at 1630 UTC on 15520kHz but this time aiming at the Middle East and Asia. In Europe you are best waiting for the hour from 1830 UTC on 9785kHz. At 2030 they are on 7205kHz but I have not heard this broadcast myself as it is aimed at Asia and Australasia.

If you are awake and still alert you can round off the day at 2200 UTC on 9830kHz with an hour to Europe and the Americas.

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