Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Radio Tirana notes

You may have missed the email address for contacting Radio Tirana. The Albanian station’s Drita Çiço informs us that we can contact her and the rest of the English service at 

They have been issuing a nice range of QSL cards which depict potential holiday locations, in addition to their long standing QSLs in pen and ink of traditional rural folk. These certainly makes me seriously consider a trip there myself, it being one of a handful of European countries I have yet to set foot in

You can best hear Radio Tirana with English to Europe from Monday to Saturday on 7465kHz at 2000 UTC. Tune in for 30 minutes of varied programmes which include a press review, In Focus, Around Albania, Mosaic of the Week and Albanian Outstanding Personalities Profile. 

 heard some gripping programmes throughout the summer evenings such as one on the contagious diseases of the 1930s which did for many Albanians, including a prominent author.  The back story to the nation’s emblem of the double headed black eagle and its prominence in the resistance to the Ottoman Empire was another feature I felt privileged to hear.

Each Tuesday their Mailbag programme includes reception reports. These are from all continents, but Asia and South America seem most prevalent. Maybe it’s time to write to them yourselves to represent listeners in the UK and Europe. Every Radio Tirana broadcast these days seems to finish off with a selection of local easy listening music, which I find quite soothing. If you miss the 2000 to 2030 UTC broadcast, well, it is repeated a few hours later at 0130 UTC on the same frequency, 7465kHz, aimed at North America.

You can always listen online as well, or, for some classic archive recordings, search at YouTube and you won't be disappointed...

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