Friday, 21 June 2013

BBC World Service to British Antarctic Survey team

The annual BBC Winter Solstice Broadcast to the British Antarctic Survey team is on today June 21 from 2130 to 2200 UTC. (The link above is to the 2012 broadcast).

5965 kHz via Dhabayya transmitter, beaming 203
7350 kHz via Ascension Island 
transmitter beaming 207°
9890 kHz via Woofferton txer, 
transmitter beaming 182°

Thanks to the British DX Club, Dan Ferguson and Glenn Hauser's DX Listening Digest for updates.

1 comment:

John J said...

I'm surprised that Wooferton can be heard at B.A.S. bases, my CW attempts to contact Rothera on 20m running 100watts at this time of the year (actually at ANY time of the year!) have all failed miserably.
I've seen a photo of the HF aerial system at Rothera - it appears to be a very spectacular log-periodic array - so I would guess they have HF comms difficulty.
I would point out that my aerial array is just a doublet running E-W, not quite as effective as Rothera's array!

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