Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday, shortwave podcasts

Extracts below from Radio Websites by Chrissy Brand, for Radio User, 2015. 

The working week is over for most of us and I am on the tram to Cheshire to see family. I block out the noise of the commuters around me by listening to the last of the podcasts which I loaded onto my mp3 player at the weekend. Views, news and features from the English services of Radio Sweden ( ), Radio Prague ( ), Radio Slovakia International ( ) and Radio Bulgaria. See and the wonderful 80 years feature at

Although Sweden and Bulgaria are no longer available on shortwave, I am still as entranced and informed by these countries as I was when first encountering them decades ago on the radio dial.

Just before meeting some friends for dinner there’s time for me to explore Soundcloud and hear a few new offerings in my feed. These include DJ Zed’s glorious six minute dark and mysterious track called “Mystery”, which reminded me a little of radio interference and ionospheric noises at Other aural ambience that may well lift you include tracks called Ravel, Ether and The Symbols. Check out 

I also catch up with the latest podcasts from The Mouth, a UK magazine which has regular interviews with established and up and coming bands.

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