Thursday, 2 April 2015

Good Friday on the Cam and on 6070kHz

Photo from Facebook

There is a relay of community station Cambridge 105 on shortwave over Easter (one day only, Friday 3 April). In a special broadcast the station takes over the river boat Georgina and broadcasts from the River Cam in an attempt to recreate offshore radio days. It is supported by a local record store, Lost in Vinyl. Ex-BBC presenters including Trevor Dann and Mandy Morton joined former pirates Julian Clover and Steve Potter.

The Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) are relaying this on 6070kHz. Keep tuning to that shortwave frequency as Radio DARC also transmits (via Channel 292) programmes in English about amateur radio, hosted by Ed Durrant, DD5LP G8GLM, from 1400-1500 UTC on Mondays on 6070kHz. You can email Ed at

With thanks to the BDXC for the alert to this fascinating broadcast.


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