Tuesday 4 August 2015

British DX Club’s Broadcasts in English

All of the summer shortwave schedules appear in the British DX Club’s Broadcasts in English publication and I keep a copy by my radio to remind me of when to tune to some of my favourite regular broadcasters, such as the Voice of Turkey and Voice Vietnam by following the schedules. 

For those who are more adventurous it offers tantalising glimpses of ever more exotic sounding stations. Just taking some of the 35 options that are in the English during the 1300 to 1400 late lunchtime slot, you may be tempted to seek out signals from Ovozi Tojik, the Voice of Tajik in Dushanbe who target the Middle East on 7245kHz. 

Or maybe Pyongyang’s latest proclamations will liven up your lunch on 9435, 11710, 13760 and 15245kHz. Radio Tunis Chaine International’s domestic service is on 963kHz medium wave in English for an hour while, on Tuesdays, domestic station Radio Nikkei 1 from Tokyo offers the intriguing prospect on 3935, 6055 and 9595kHz of “Let’s Read the Nikkei” (Japan’s stock market) in English and Japanese. 

If you want to order a copy of Broadcasts in English then send a cheque for £3 made payable to British DX Club to  British DX Club, 10 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, Reading, RG4 7SB. A pdf version is also available as well as the paper one for the same price (email bdxc@bdxc.org.uk ). More details including overseas rates are at http://bdxc.org.uk/bie.html

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