Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Starting in Finnish #EDXC

Radiomaailma, the DX magazine from the SDXL in Finland carried a report on the EDXC 2015 Conference in Saint Petersburg in its most recent issue. It also mentions the EDXC 2016 Conference which will be held in Manchester from 9-12 September 2016, hosted by the British DX Club, who are my DXing alma mater!

I am the local contact/organiser for EDXC 2016 so feel free to email me with any questions to editor@bdxc.org.uk or ask Kari Kivekäs, Secretary General or Jan-Mikael Nurmela, Assistant Secretary General, through the EDXC website, where you will also find details of how to book your place. See the blog posts for 7 December and 18 December 2015. The New Zealand DX League also advertised it in their latest publication.

With speakers and delegates attending from all over Europe plus North America, Japan and Oceania, I am looking forward to rounding off the northern hemisphere summer in true Mancunian-international style later this year. But hey, we've a lot of organising to do first- not least of all to choose some exciting excursions with a radio theme...

For information on Manchester itself see my Mancunian Wave City Daily photo blog.

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