Saturday, 13 August 2016

EDXC 2016 Conference comes to Manchester 9-13 Sept


Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts here of late. I've been uber busy, with the day job, my RadioUser columns, editing BDXC Communciation each month, plus family commitments, a relationship and a busy social life, not to mention all of my campaigning activities and a holiday in Nice, one in Tywyn and other summer travels too. I'm not complaining though, far from it- I can only function if I'm busy.

Anyway, another reason for the tumbleweed blowing across this blog is my preparation for the EDXC Conference, which has distracted me from posting here. The DX publicity machine is doing its job though, with the Radio-Kurier journal in Germany the latest I've seen to mention EDXC 2016 (photo above).

The latest programme and details of how to join us at what should be a very exciting conference are at the EDXC site, with this link taking you to all the conference related posts.

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