Tuesday 27 December 2016

How does your Radio Garden grow?

There have been many radio portals that have come and gone in this internet age. Some still exist, successfully or otherwise, but the new kid on the block possibly knocks spots of all others.

Radio Garden has taken the internet by storm- and it's the mainstream world that saw 5 million site visit in the firsts week, I believe I read. It's not just for us radio geeks!

A globe, dots for locations, radio stations in a list, rotate your way around the world and listen from a choice of thousands of live stations. I'm almost speechless at its simplicity and effectiveness.

It could do with some additional stations in most African and Asian countries and medium wave and shortwave everywhere would be great additions, as most stations are FM so far. But I'm sure that will evolve over the months.

Many friends have asked if I'd heard about it, expressing great pleasure. Even the younger generation I showed it too rated it as pretty cool. What do you think?


Strange Beacons said...

A chance meeting with a stranger in a local radio parts store was how I learned about this station. I've spent hours listening to it and it is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this recently and whilst it is a fascinating resource it was sort of sad to spin the globe and hear so much similarity in the radio styles. On each continent there were stations with "format" style jingles, stings and delivery and not so many stations with any local flavour or charm.

Of course I'm an old shortwave DXer who would really be happy with fluttering interval signals, fading and reports from the politburo. Those days are gone and maybe the radio of today reflects a more homogenised world.

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