Tuesday, 10 April 2007

All Aboard! Or, Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends...

Hello there! And a big welcome to my radio blog.

A bit of background to start with- At the turn of the century, I had a website called 'Chris Brand's DX International' up and running. It was mostly a place to store the articles I had written in the radio and satellite press. However, late in 2006 the powers that be (Lycos.co.uk) removed it from the cyberspace it was happily parked in, took it off to the cyber-crusher, and it was no more. My howls of protest and anguish went unanswered...

So the way forward is perhaps through a blog, where I hope to re-post some of my many articles. When time allows. As well as a full time job, and being a freelance writer on the side, (more anon.), I also edit the British DX Club monthly Journal 'Communication' - the latter which I shall keep entirely separate from this blog. But those committments, plus those of a family, mean this will not be the snappiest or most regularly updated blog you will ever read...

1 comment:

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