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August 2007 Radio Websites

Published in full in Radio User, PWP Ltd, August 2007

If you want to get away from it all this summer, and are interested in radio, you could do worse than stay in the old Decca building in Lerwick, on the Shetland Isles. It was previously accommodation for Shetland’s Radio Navigational Signal Station and its operators. Now tastefully converted to three two bedroom flats:

Whilst there you will hear the following on the radio dial. Of course you can always listen online instead! BBC Shetland is at: You have to be on the ball to listen live though, as this is just a thirty minute show each Friday at 1730 BST. Good Evening Shetland contains local news and weather, diary, jobspot, the fish report and 'Clear da Air'.

The BBC opened Bressay transmitting station in Shetland was back in 1964, and there is a fascinating illustrated account at part of the MDS975 website:

Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company. On air 24 hours a day on 96.2 MHz, unfortunately its format is nothing inspiring, consisting of the usual bland pop formats so beloved of 99% of local radio stations throughout the western world. The most intriguing part of the programming is the news covering ‘local, maritime, fishing and oil.’:

RTE (Radio Telifis Eireann) is experimenting with DAB Digital radio. Six new stations will be trialled until November, and can be heard if you live in the Greater Dublin and north-east coastal area. The stations are RTÉ Junior (pop radio for children from two to teens as well as for young parents); RTÉ Gold (classic hits); RTÉ Digital Radio News, (a rolling news bulletin station); RTÉ 2XM ( for students and young adults, specialising in playing new music first); RTÉ Digital Radio Sport; and RTÉ Choice (comedy, documentaries, vintage shows, music, international programming). See:

You can also listen to the new DAB station identifications at:

A website opened up in May at the commencement of an Irish body covering Digital Radio in the country:
Finally there is a discussion group on the subject based at:

Fifty summers of Test Match Special

General Overseas Service of All India Radio: and

Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) and the Caribbean News Agency (CANA):
‘Caribbean Radio on the Net’ site at:

A selection of stations from Anguilla to the Virgin Islands are included. Here are some of my recommendations: Radio Ginen in Haiti, Radio Guyana: includes music 24/7 and cricket. The Caribbean Broadcasting Company is at: and offers stations The One 98.1, Radio 900 and Quality 100.7. All of these can be heard online.

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