Monday, 7 March 2011

Mardi Gras radio

The most famous Mardi Gras celebrations are, I think, in River of January, Brazil / Rio de Janeiro Brasil, and New Orleans, Louisiana in the US of A.

The current Rio celebrations and listings are at:

Why not listen in via local radio - Try the Brazil and Louisiana USA sections via the clickable maps at the always excellent radio portal Live-Radio Net (which only features "real" radio stations, not internet-only):  

From Rio stations include:


JB FM:  Adult contemporary and quite nice in small doses and quite a mixture-e.g. Gilberto Gil, 1970's Al Stewart and the ubiquitous Mariah Carey.  A little more local fayre would improve this station IMHO.

From New Orleans stations include:

WEZB, covering Mardi Gras live:  


Bayou 95.7  is a classic rock station but still promoting Mardi Gras, seems all communities and genres get involved in the partying!

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