Monday, 21 March 2011

Voices from Libya

The Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation Voice of Africa's English service has two hours of English each afternoon on 17725kHz and 21695kHz (sometimes 21660kHz is used instead) from 1400 UTC. Swahili is broadcast before (1200 to 1400 UTC) and French afterwards at 1600 UTC, then Hausa at 1800 UTC.   This is of course the state broadcaster, at:

The rebel opposition radio station is called The Voice of Free  Libya. It has been logged on mw 675 and 1125kHz, including some announcements in English. Best of all is a frequency of 1449kHz which has been picked up in the UK, and is thought to emanate from a transmitter in Misurata, which at the time of writing is a besieged rebel-held city in western Libya.  (with thanks to BDXC UK

Listen to BBC WS Outlook (7 March) for an item on the Voice of Free Libya
"VOICE OF FREE LIBYA. One of the technicians behind one of Libya's only uncensored radio stations describes the fear and excitement he and his colleagues felt when they launched the station and could speak freely for the first time in 42 years."

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