Friday, 20 May 2011

WY Family Radio proclaim end of the world....

WYFR (Family Radio)’s prediction that the world ends on 21 May 2011 is not the first- they along with others have predicted the world will end in the past, and have thankfully been proven wrong.

However, this time the world’s media seems to have picked up and run with the story more than before. Maybe interest and a slight apprehension has peaked this time around, due to the amounted of natural disasters and people’s revolutions that have plagued (in the former) and liberated (in the latter case)parts of the planet this tear- the massive floods in Brazil and Australia, major earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan , the Arab Spring with its uprisings throughout North Africa and the Arab world,.

BBC World Service interviewed the man behind the claim, Harold Camping, who stuck to his guns and said who he had taken 5 years of intense study of the bible to reach this prophetic claim. Let’s hope it is 5 years wasted. If you want to see videos of this elderly man in action go to:  
In the DX community the most amusing aside I heard was a question as to whether WYFR has therefore gone ahead and registered their shortwave frequencies for the B-11 period (October 2011- March 2012). Presumably there’s no need if the will be no-one left to broadcast to.
If you ate quick, you can read about and hear WYFR, who are located in Okeechobee, Florida, USA and have been on air since 1973, on  
Tune in while you still can- amongst their many times and frequencies – they broadcast round the clock-are:

0700 to 0800 UTC on 5950 5985 6875 7520 9385 and 9505kHz
1600 to 1700 UTC on 6085 11570 11830 11850 11865 13695 15210 17545 17555 17795 18980
1900 to 2000 UTC on 6020 6085 7270 7395 9610 9775 13615 13690 17795 17845-18930 18980kHz

With thanks to the British DX club for frequency information:
Hopefully see you back here soon...

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Andy Walmsley said...

Phew! We survived that one.

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