Friday, 5 August 2011

Radio Canada International- a loyal listener

An example of how easy it is to contact a radio station by email with your heartfelt comments, followed by their equally warm, and fast, response. You can simply email  

Dear friends at RCI

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoy and appreciate RCI on shortwave. After working at a computer most days the last thing I want to do in my own time is to spend the evenings at a computer too, even if it were for listening online.

So shortwave is the best option for me. I can sit in an armchair, on the balcony, or even at the end of the garden and enjoy!

I have been a listener for years and try and listen at least 3 nights a week.

I enjoy all aspects of the Link, especially the more in-depth features and the local music scene, such as the Montreal jazz festival and up and coming musicians like The Stars and Madison Violet. Your programmes make ever keener to spend some holiday time travelling around your vast and varied country.

I tend to listen from 2000 UTC on 15235kHz, although the other two frequencies of 15330kHz and 17735kHz are fine too. Usually a SIO of 344 or 444.

I hope you continue on shortwave for many years to come. Internet and shortwave should be used in tandem, not a case of forsaking the latter for the former.

Best wishes to all at RCI

Chrissy Brand

RCI response, within a few hours:
Dear Ms. Brand

Thank you very much for your e-mail of the 4th. It is truly a pleasure to read!

I've passed it along to our weekday program "The Link," and also to the host of the "Maple Leaf Mailbag, so don't be surprised if you might hear it mentioned on air. I'll also include it in a selection of listeners' comments which is circulated among our staff.

Any comments, good or bad, which you might have about our programming will always be welcome.

Good listening!

Yours very truly,

Bill Westenhaver
Audience Relations/Relations avec l'auditoire
Radio Canada International  

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