Friday, 24 February 2012

BBC World Service: 80 years of quality to the globe

International broadcasters- part of a mountain of important information and knowledge informing a world otherwise lost in a cultural desert of mindless pap.

The wonderful BBC World Service is celebrating its 80th anniversary. A special leap day of live broadcasts (Wednesday 29 February 2012) will include a live version of arts programme The Strand. David Attenborough is a guest on One Planet and from 2005 to 2200 UTC (GMT) comes what will be an thought provoking programme and debate on the future of International Broadcasting.
You can listen on shortwave, DAB, online and follow and contribute to the celebrations of a great stations and a fine organisation I am proud to say I once worled for, via Twitter (#BBCWS80) and Facebook. Details at:  

While I confess to listening to BBC WS on a portable DAB radio (I know, get thee behind me DAB) when I am travelling around in the UK, I was delighted to tune in on shortwave when in northern Fuerteventura last week.

13790kHz at 1650 with a 555 SIO*
15310kHz at 1330 UTC with a 332 SIO
15400kHz at 0830 with a 444 SIO
17830kHz at 1415 with a 222 SIO

As informative as ever, even in the short bursts I listened, (in between exploriong theisland and relaxing): The Athens demos and riots, the death of 300 Honduran prisoners in a fire, Murdoch’s corrupt Sun journalist bribing he police, an interview with the CE of Anglo Gold Mines trying to defend poor treatment of workers.

Quality journalism and new stories that actually cover important events, as do all shortwave/international broadcasters, unlike the parochialism of much local and national radio.

* For non DXers and sw listeners, SIO= Signal strength, Interference, Overall quality. 5 is the best, 1 the worst.

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