Friday, 10 February 2012

Radio Taiwan International

Radio Taiwan’s daily hour of English (1800 UTC on 3965kHz) covers a multitude of highly listenable programmes. Once they were known as The Voice of Free China, as the 1980s QSL card above testifies, then they became Radio Taipei International before relaunching again over a decade ago as Radio Taiwain International.

According to the schedule they sent me, on Saturdays the programmes are Soft Power and Feast Meets West; Sundays sees People, Made in Taiwan , Trends and On The Line; Monday to Fridays starts with Hear in Taiwan (which also forms a fascinating blog on their website that I recommend, )

Soundwaves and Chinese to Go on Monday, We’ve Got Mail on Tuesdays, Time Traveller and Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes on Wednesdays, Occidental Tourist and more on Thursdays, Women Making Waves and Sound Postcards on Friday.

It’s an international broadcaster at the top of its game in my view, and they live up to the station slogan of RTI, exercise for your mind.

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