Friday 24 August 2012

Radio Romania remains resistant

August 2012's QSL card is of an inn in Poseşti-Pământeni, Prahova, (1860)

Extract from my monthly column Long, Medium and Shortwaves, Broadcast Matters in Radio User, August 2012,  

Radio Romania International continues to do a far better job than many of its broadcasting brethren. In addition to shortwave broadcasts in many langauges that are reliable in signal and entertaining in content, they now also have their programmes online, just two hours after the first broadcast goes out over the air. Just as with much of the BBC i-player, the Radio Romania International broadcasts remain online for a week.

English from Bucharest is on seven times every day, starting at midnight UTC for an hour to America on 9700 and 11965kHz; then to Asia and the Americas from 0300 for an hour on 9645 11795 and 11895kHz.

Early risers in Europe can catch the broadcasts at 0530 to 0600 UTC on 9700 17760 and 21500kHz, with some of those frequencies also aimed to Australia. An hour from 1100 is aimed to Europe and Africa on 15210, 15430, 17510 and 17670kHz. Then its the drivetime slot of 1700 to 1800 on 11740kHz to Europe, 2030 to 2100 on 11880, 13800 and 15220kHz to Europe and the Americas, and finally for Europe and Asia on four frequencies of 7435, 9540, 9790 and 11940kHz.

After all the effort that they put in do make sure you contact them with your questions, comments or suggestions. The email address is  and the postal address is Radio Romania International, General Berthelot street, no. 60-64, 010165, Bucharest, Romania.

With a monthly QSL card as well (the 2012 series features vineyard properties), Radio Romania International remain a beacon of light and hope as the lights appear to go out on many other sw international broadcasters across Europe.

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