Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Radio craft and Traidcraft

Photo: Chrissy Brand

You can't spend countless years tuning around the tropical shortwave bands without wondering and worrying about the everyday lives of people in the countries that you listen to. Whether you are tuned to Malaysia or Malawi, Brazil or Bangladesh, India or Indonesia, you know that the chances are your lifestyle is more comfortable than theirs.

I've always been a supporter of buying ethically, locally produced goods where the makers get a fair price. The items in the photo above came to me in different ways. The basket was made by oppressed southern Africans during  the apartheid era- from discarded telephone wires; the tablecloth came from a batik shop I visited in Kota Bharu; the bangle is from a UK shop specialising in Third World goods; the joss-stick holder from a local Buddhist centre.

Traidcraft online sell goods such as these, and much more (some lovely handbags for example). They don't just specialise in trinkets and gifts though, they stock various types of organic food  too: Biscuits and cakes, coffee and tea, fruit juices, muesli, fruit and nut snacks, organic jams and peanut butter.  We should all think Traidcraft rather than use the multinational high street supermarkets, be it for mass catering or individual shopping.

So, as I relax with a pot of Traidcraft Tanzanian leaf tea, I tune the tropical bands slightly guilt-free. I have been picking up Radio Clube do Para from Belem in Brazil quite well in the European evenings on 4885kHz; Radio Nacional from Bata in Equatorial Guinea on 5005kHz; RTV in Djibouti on 4780kHz and Tajik Radio on 4765kHz. Bliss...

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Jim Davies said...

Those are some exotic frequencies for European listening - I will give them a try from my QTH! Thanks!

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