Monday 9 March 2009

International Women's Day- radio

Not typed by my own fair hand but copied and pasted, as I feel it should be noted

Posting on International Women's Day

"Dear Ladies of Radio
To my dear correspondents in Albania and Belarus I send my kind regards on the occasion of International Women's Day. Kate Cross gave me examples of the importance of this day in Belarus,Larisa Suarez started her weekend "Letters to Editor" with a tribute to women. Drita Cico has mentioned the day too. But indeed, this day is not much celebrated in Sweden. There are some activities related to the day, but not so much. I checked in vain for something in the weekly "Arbetaren" (The Worker) which I receive on free subscription (due to article contributions). This Syndicalist weekly is feminist, always full of material picturing women's questions, but strangely they do not write on the International Women's Day.

My favourite medium - radio - here in Sweden this morning talked about a matter of discrimination against Swedish women. Then we got a verydepressing report about the situation in the Ukraine, which is especially difficult for the women. That's all.But on a Women's blog I found something nice - A salute to the sisters of the 1920'ies. This will be my gift to you, dear friends. I know you will appreciate it. The 3-minute display, a tribute to these women of those days, is accompanied by the melancholic and beautiful Swedish song of the time "Regntunga skyar" - Heavy skies of rain (it's a sad love song). You will find it at

Dear Ladies of Radio, I am proud to announce that at the end of last year I published in "Eter-Aktuellt" (Sweden's DX Federation) and in "QTC" (Swedish Radio Amateur Federation) an article with pictures about "Female Pioneers in Amateur Radio" in which I presented two young women from USA and one from England who were in radio (one of them also in broadcasting) in the early 1920'ies. This article has resulted in three additions of magazine articles! I received e-mails, phone-calls and letters --- dozens of them, all but two from men!! The interest in this matter is fantastic.

From Finland I even got especially for our needs the translation from Finnish of an article about Marjatta, first Finnish Female radio amateur in 1931, when she was 20 years old. So in Finland they were so enthusiastic about my article in a Swedish magazine that theysupplied us with material! It was a case of collaboration between Anne(modern female radio amateur in Finland) and two other Finnish (male) radio amateurs.Well, this will be all, I am writing while my two dear ones are stillasleep. We were up very late last night. So now I will go to attend to them. Goodbye for now, and all the compliments of the day! "
(Ullmar in Sweden Qvick, March 8, via Drita Çiço, Albania, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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