Wednesday 23 November 2011

Mozambique Radio


I have been listening to a country via the internet that I don’t hear on shortwave- Mozambique Radio, which is in English online at  

Mozambique's English language “Happy Music Station” began a year ago and I have really enjoyed some of the music and chat. LM Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day on FM to listeners in Maputo, Matola and their surrounding areas, surrounding areas which cover the world if you are online. They are looking for English guest presenters at the time of writing, so if I am not here next month you know where to find me! The site also links to a wonderful radio museum at  

LM used to stand for Lourenco Marques Radio , which was the first commercial radio station in Africa, back in 1936, but these days LM is for Lifetime Music.

First published in my monthly Radio Websites column in Radio User 

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