Monday, 21 November 2011

Radio Romania International’s schedule for western Europe

Radio Romania International’s schedule for western Europe is as follows:

0630 to 0700 UTC on 7310kHz
1200 to 1300 UTC on both 15460 and 17530kHz
1800 to 1900 UTC on 11955kHz
2130 to 2200 UTC on 7305kHz
2300 to 0000 UTC on 6015 and 7220kHz.

Programmes worth listening out for are the Cooking Show, Travellers Guide, Romanian Without Tears and Inside Romania.

As well as English, Radio Romania International (RRI) broadcast in ten other languages, including Romanian, and also in the Macedo-Romanian dialect. You can contact the station at their website which includes an online reception report from.  

Their 2011 monthly QSL card series feature buildings by Romanian artist Vitalie Butesc (see photo above).

The Radio Romania International Listeners club is a great way to keep up with the station and to hear about fellow listeners in a traditional way. Diplomas and prizes are often on offer from this free to join club. Facebook and Twitter are also available.

For the RRI full schedule see their website or the wonderful Monitoring Times blog:

A vintage QSL card from RRI's previous incarnation, which I adore.

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