Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Radio Bulgaria

Being Orthodox Christians Bulgarians celebrate Christmas on 6th January. Tune in to Radio Bulgaria’s shortwave broadcasts in English each day this week - and beyond- for fascinating folk music and features, culture and history.

0730 to 0800 UTC to Europe on 7400 and 9400kHz
1830 to 1900 UTC to Europe on 7400 and 9700kHz
2200 to 2300 UTC to Europe on 5900 and 7400kHz

The station’s history is at: http://bnr.bg/sites/en/About/Pages/RadioBulgaria.aspx

Meet the English service team at: http://bnr.bg/sites/en/About/Pages/EnglishService.aspx  
Their QSL card policy is quite unusual and complex. It’s at http://bnr.bg/sites/en/Pages/ReceptionReport.aspx  but basically you need to send three reception reports to obtain one QSL card.

Their email address is english@bnr.bg

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