Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Radio New Zealand International

I sent a report to Radio New Zealand International by email (qsl@rnzi.com) and received a link to an online QSL card prepared for me, after about two weeks.

It was good to see that Adrian Sainsbury is still the frequency manager and he states that

“You may also hear us on 9765 from 0800 UTC. Your winter is a good time for hearing New Zealand!” 
I have logged them on 11725kHz 0715 to 0758 UTC with a SIO 444, the strongest I have ever heard RNZI.

I was fascinated to hear the Sounds Historical programme on Sundays. It made a nice change from the usual Asia and Pacific news type programmes I usually hear and assume it is a broadcast of a domestic programme.

Radio New Zealand International still use their familiar and mesmerising interval signal of a Kiwi bird.

Website is http://www.rnzi.com/ with programme schedules at http://www.rnzi.com/pages/schedules.php

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Helmuth W. Kump said...

Always one of my favorite stations, RNZI is great for winter night owls here in the states. Always great listening, with "Dateline Pacific" and the music shows in particular.

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