Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Save Radio Bulgaria - Act Now!

Many people do not want to listen to international radio stations via the Internet. I am stuck at a computer most days for work and do not wish to spend my leisure times chained to a pc too or restricted to one room- one of radio's strengths is its portability.

The Third World does not all have cheap Internet access and of course many people do not even have access to water and electricity, so there is at the very least a strong case for keeping shortwave broadcasts to Africa and Asia...

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The message below is from Ivo Ivanov, Radio Bulgaria’s frequency manager.

Dear listeners and friends of the short waves and Radio Bulgaria,

With a huge regret to inform you very bad news. After more than 75 years in the world broadcasting from January 31, 2012 at 2200 UT, Radio Bulgaria cease broadcasting on short and medium waves.

The solution is that Radio Bulgaria is not necessary now its short waves and medium waves listeners. The reason – no money for broadcast on short and medium waves. And who listens to short waves today? Already has internet.

Maintaining the short waves was “Mission Impossible”! Hope dies last. As a frequency manager in the last 19 years my main task was to provide best quality signal of Radio Bulgaria in worldwide coverage. There will be no short waves, there will be no frequency manager. For all people who work in Radio Bulgaria that bad news is shock and horror Beginning of the end. But expect your moral support. Please send e-mail to:

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