Wednesday, 14 March 2012

¡Viva Radio Exterior de España!

Radio Exterior de España celebrates 70 years on Thursday 15th March 2012.

Tune in at 9665kHz from 1900 to 20.00 UTC (in English Monday to Fridays) or at weekends on 6125kHz from 2200 to 2300 UTC.

You can also listen to their podcasts at:  

I was interviewed on Monday for their anniversary broadcast, along with many other listeners around the world. I made reference to my first hearing Radio Exterior de España back in the late 1970s (yes, I started DXing/swling at a very tender age!).

The photo above is a QSL card they sent me- I loved the painting of the Formentera Ladies on it back then and it is still a good piece of art in my view all these decades later. The log was for 9505kHz on 21 Sept 1978 from 2100 to 2130 GMT (UTC).

1978! It was only four years since General Franco had died, I remember that was announced in my Spanish class the day it happened and we all cheered.  Sadly I went on to fail my Spanish exams... But I have very happy memories of six subsequent visits to Spain and their wonderful islands every decade since the 1980s.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a print of the painting on this page and haven't been able to find any information on it. The "Formentera Ladies" are on my wall as we speak. I'd really like to know the official name and artist who did this. Please help as this is the only place I've found any reference to this image. Thanks!

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