Sunday, 18 March 2012

Voice of Turkey

Extract from my Long, Medium and Shortwave Broadcast Matters column in Radio User, March 2012.

The Voice of Turkey is always to keen to hear from people, so why not tune in and drop them a line as well. Their programmes often seem to run out of steam and are filled up with Turkish music. While this can be highly listenable in itself, it is disappointing that they sometimes struggle to fill the airtime. There is their DX Corner show too to listen out for.

The current schedule until the end of March has six airings, starting at 0400 to 0455 UTC on 7240 and 9655kHz; then it’s 1330 to1425 UTC on 12035kHz; 1730 to 1825 on 11735kHz; 1930 to 2025 UTC on 6050kHz; 2130 to 2225 UTC on 9610kHz; and finally the last hour of the day from 2300 to 2355 UTC on 5960kHz.

If your French is up to it then tune to the daily broadcast from 2030 to 2125 on 5970 and 6050kHz. Many other language services are operational from Ankara, including Georgian, Tatar, Italian, Kazakh, Uyghur and Persian.

Email the station at  or through their contact form at:  

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