Monday, 11 June 2012

Bradford Community Broadcasting

Bradford Community Broadcasting (106.6MHz) is a community radio station at:

I was put onto this one a while back by a Radio User reader whose girlfriend presents the Buffet Show. This is a refreshing break from much of the usual safe radio programming fare and sees Bloody Nora, EB3 and Jenny Jet providing an hour of interesting indie music and chat once a month. They also used to do a regular club night and have started doing Silent Discos, which are quite a thing.

More details and various links to social media at: and there is a useful listen again facility at the station website that I use. Buffet is now on “my must listen every month” list and knocks spots off of most of what I hear on air and online.

Other shows with a startling difference on Bradford Community Radio include Intoczekated on Sundays at 2000 BST which is “music, poetry, politics and comedy with Bradford's Nick Toczek - writer, entertainer, poet, ranter, magician, storyteller.” The hour preceding that sounds pretty good too. EuroRytm has news, the latest gossip, music and interviews for the Czech and Slovak communities.”

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