Thursday, 14 June 2012

Radio Moldova International- tune in online today

A 1990s QSL card from Radio Moldova International

Radio Moldova International in Chisinau are celebrating their 20th anniversary. I enjoy their weekday online English broadcasts and more of us really should make an effort to listen, and contact them too, at  Their interval signal, sign on and sign off alone are stunning. The programmes wrapped around are good as well!

Radio Moldova International broadcasts via from Mondays to Fridays. Its schedule covers news and 30 minutes programmes in English, French, Spanish, Romanian and Russian. It makes for an interesting view of a fine country. The Republic of Moldova go to the effort of broadcasting to the world- albeit only online,  and more people should embrace the opportunity to hear what Moldovans think and how they live.

They are running a contest until 16th July 2012, in various sections.

“The first concerns the history and the present of the Republic of Moldova. The second is related to the history of Radio Moldova International, as well as Moldovan culture. And finally the third question will be based on reports and stories you will hear within RMI programs. Questions will be asked on Monday and on Thursday and will be posted on our web page . You can send us answers by e-mail at ".

Just do it!

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becca said...

Radio Moldova sounds like a cool station. I am so glad will be bringing on international stations soon. I think the social radio online community would like a station that is unique like this one.

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