Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bush House farewells

I’m proud to have worked at Bush House for the BBC World Service in the 1980s.

The BBC English Service has the sad honour of speaking the last broadcast from Bush House, which will be a bulletin of world news at 1100 UTC on Thursday 12 July. (Previously it was announced it would be the Urdu Service on 29 June to whom this milestone would fall).

Then the BBC World Service returns a couple of miles north-west across London to Broadcasting House, albeit a new extended version of Broadcasting House, after being away since World War II bombed them out in the first place.

Other mentions on leaving were the news programmes this morning from 0500 UTC including a lovely montage and affectionate tribute. Bush House nights by Emma Crowe is at  

The World Today:  

Go to Twitter too and type #BushHouse for lots of photos and thoughts such as this Brian Eno quote inside the building “If the world’s media collapsed tonight, the list of things I’d miss would be really short. The BBC World Service would be right at the top.”  

And the Roman head (found when the building was created in the 1920s, I think...) is in safe keeping:

See also the BBC WS 80th anniversary page from February 2012 at: 

Why shortwave remains a lifeline for millions:

and regular readers of this blog will have seen my reminisces of working there in the 1980s at:


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