Friday 6 July 2012

Adventist World Radio annual Wavescan DX contest

Extract from my Long, Medium and Shortwave Broadcast Matters column in Radio User, July 2012.

A station showing no signs of deserting shortwave is Adventist World Radio who are running their annual Wavescan DX contest throughout July. Entitled “Listen to AWR” you need to tune into as many different AWR shortwave locations as possible.

Send one reception report for each AWR shortwave location along with a photocopy of any AWR QSLs you have from the past five years. Times and frequencies of AWR include 1800 to 1830 UTC to Africa every day on 3215 and 3345kHz, and 1830 to 1900 UTC on 11840kHz.

Return postage in the form of currency notes in any international currency, or mint postage stamps, or IRC coupons would be welcome as would be a self-addressed return A5 envelope. Prizes are a Jerry Berg radio history book and a World Radio TV Handbook 2013.

In addition, there will be AWR souvenirs and radio curios for many participants. All AWR reception reports will be verified with a special AWR QSL card.  The address is Listen to AWR DX Contest, Box 29235, Indianapolis, Indiana 46229, USA.

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Anonymous said...

Here in Norrköping Sweden we are two participants in the AWR Contest this year, Claes Olsson and myself. We are in internal competition as well! Your blog is very nice and I hpe more dxers will use it! Ullmar Qvick

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