Friday, 13 July 2012

Buy a piece of BBC WS history - The Bush House auctions

The BBC World Service may have left Bush House for Broadcasting House but it has left an awful lot of kit behind. This is all up for auction, and is an amazing array of broadcasting equipment and ephemera, all starting at very low prices.

Phase 1 of the auction is open now and has televisions, studio desks and chairs, video and sound recording equipment, tape decks, microphones, office furniture, prints, photos and paintings, even old studio clocks – some of these would make a great momento for the BBC World Service fan and a useful addition for many smaller radio stations or technical buffs looking for bargains and a piece of history.

Some of the 1,500 Phase 1 items are expected to sell for over £10,000 but the minimum bid for each lot is just £10. Phase 2 of the auction is in Sept which includes complete studios. See you at the virtual auction, I have bid on a few things already...

Visit the online auction at  

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