Friday, 20 July 2012

Radio Q99.5, Budapest

Extract from my monthly column Long, Medium and Shortwaves, Broadcast Matters in Radio User, July 2012,  

From Northampton Radio User reader Howard Barnett asked if Radio Budapest is making a comeback. I fear that this is merely wishful thinking, as Hungary left shortwave and closed its English service five years ago, and as far as I am aware is sadly not making any return.

Magyar Radio in Hungary does have six channels but none in English nor any that are easy to catch in the UK. You will have to listen online in Hungarian or in the minority languages spoken in Hungary:  Look for the Union flag symbol for the English translation of the Hungarian website.
However, commercial FM station Radio Q99.5 in Budapest does air an hour of English each week. “Talking Music with the English Guys” can be heard online and is on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons:   Click on Online Adas (Listen live) in the top right hand corner of the screen. 21.00 (CET) on Thursdays and 15.00 (CET) Saturdays. On Facebook at: 

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