Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Radio Canada International back on course in new schedules

Fantastic- Radio Canada International’s summer schedule in English is promising for us UK fans of the station, with a return of the 2000 UTC (2100 BST) broadcast.

This is usually a good time for me to be tuning in and I am sure I am not alone in thinking that. It’s one of four hours spread throughout the day.  Realkly enjoyed last night's programme, with a great signal (555 to 444 SIO) on 15235kHz and clear on 15330kHz too.

It may only just be spring in the northern hemisphere but my summer time has come early- perfect evening audio accompaniment for the evenings that I am in. Thanks RCI!

Midnight UTC for an hour of English with Marc Montgomery, Ian Jones & friends on 11700kHz
1500 to 1557 UTC on 11675 and 15125kHz
1800 to 1859 UTC on 9530, 11765 and 17810
2000 to 2059 UTC 15330, 15235 and 17735kHz.

Do let the station know how you find reception and what you feel about their programmes.

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VioletSky said...

I just noticed this on your sidebar!
I listen to The Link every night while at work - was very upset that CBCRadio decided to cancel their World Service overnight series in favour of this show (for financial reasons,I am sure), but I have grown to like it. Not as much as BBC's 'Outlook' and 'The Strand', however.

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