Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Albania and Germany in English

News of two winter shortwave schedules. Starting in Albania where English from Radio Tirana is aimed at Europe from 2200 to 2300 UTC on 7465kHz and to North America from 0330 to 0400 UTC on 6100kHz. 

Other languages and frequencies to follow include their Italian service at 1900 UTC on 6040kHz, French at 1930 on 7465kHz and German at 2130 UTC on 7465kHz. 

Deutsche Welle meanwhile continues to broadcast solely from the Kigali transmitter site in Rwanda. English to Africa (but also heard in Europe) is on from 0400 UTC right through until 2200 UTC. A wide range of ever changing frequencies are in use: 5905, 7285, 9420, 9470, 9655, 11800, 12045, 12070, 13780, 15275 and 17800kHz.

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