Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chestnuts and truffles on Radio Romania International

Radio Romania International is still up there with a comprehensive schedule, aiming English all over the world. Obviously the frequencies aimed to Europe will be the easiest catches but some of the other frequencies are worth checking as well. 

Bucharest starts each day by talking to North America’s east coast from 0100 to 0200 UTC on 6145 and 7340kHz; to North America’s west coast from 0400 to 0500 on 6130 and 7305kHz and to India at the same time on 15220 and 17870kHz; to Australia from 0630 to 0700 UTC on 21600kHz. The first broadcast of the day to western Europe is at noon for 30 minutes on 15460 an 17530kHz.

Africa meanwhile gets a full hour from 1200 UTC on 17765 and 21570kHz. There’s then a long gap until 2130 UTC when 7310 and 9435kHz carry 30 minutes to North America’s east coast. The main broadcast to western Europe is quite late at 2300 until midnight UTC on 6015 and 7220kHz, which is the same time that Bucharest puts out its call in English to Japan, on 9530 and 11810kHz.

Quality and engrossing programmes which are easy enough to tune into. Regular readers will vouch for this and any doubters should just tune in. Radio Romania International for instance, even in some of its duller sounding programmes can have some nice surprises. 

For example Business Club has covered truffle and chestnut cultivation, Society Today could include anything but a feature on getting old while staying active was good. Inside Romania again covers anything from kite festivals to eco houses. 

All That Jazz does what you would expect, Romanian without tears is a three minute sound bite of learning the lingo, and Travellers' Guide is constantly excellent, be it in a luxury casino or on the country’s oldest railway.

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