Saturday, 1 December 2012

Short story Part 1: Through the Airwaves

Back in the late 1990s I wrote a short story. Titled Through the Airwaves it was loosely based on a road trip I made in the USA in the first snows of autumn (or Fall as they say over there). 

It somewhat inevitably had a radio theme, and I was pleased when it won Short Story of the month in April 1999 at The The Quill was a US short story website which has long gone, but back in those early internet days was an invaluable writing resource.

I used an old Apple Mac to write it and the floppy discs have also long gone. All I had left was a printed version, which I have scanned in for you to read. It's over 5 digestable parts which I shall post over the next 5 days. Enjoy!

Through the Airwaves by Chrissy Brand (c) 1999

continues on 2 Dec 2012

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