Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Three Wise (radio) Men

Photo: CB

Some not-to-be missed Christmas editions of all -year round excellent radio shows. 

Conjuring up the spirit of Christmas we have:

  • Bob Zanotti’s Switzerland in Sound  week-in,  week-out Bob journeys around Switzerland meeting people in fascinating places.
  • Keith Perron’s Happy Station Show (The former Radio Netherlands show revived a few years back by PCJ Media on line and on shortwave). Plus a wise woman, Paulette MacQuarrie joins Keith on New Year’s Day, and each week on PCJ’s Media Network Plus show.
  • A Prairie Home Companion- Garrison Keillor’s Christmas cheer ... 

Plus a wonderful look at harsh winters past, the frozen Thames and snow for three months (1947, 1962/3 and circa 300 years ago) in BBC 4 Extra’s 90 minute extravaganza entitled Frost Fair (recorded at Somerset House in London, -which is where I took the above photo).

And see my monthly guest post at Smitten by Britain for a tour of London’s lights.

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