Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Radio Pridnestrovie

Extract from my column Long, Medium and Shortwave Broadcast Matters, published in Radio User December 2012

For new DXers I am going to give an example of a reception report this month and the reply. For old hands I hope the content will be of interest too. This is what I wrote in my emailed reception report to Radio PMR (Radio Pridnestrovie):

I continue to enjoy Radio PMR on shortwave. I have some recent reception reports and questions for you. 23 August on 9665kHz at 2050 UTC with a SIO of 544. Programme content included the last ten minutes of your English programme, with three lovely pieces of music to finish with. A child singing then a ballad with a man singing which was very melancholic. Then a ballad sung by a woman which had a wonderful ending with piano and keyboards. After the time pips the French broadcast started at 2100 UTC.

5 August on 9665kHz at 2030 UTC with SIO of 454. English broadcast including a request for people to send stamps and envelope when they write. Station announcement of “Radio Pridnestrovye on the air.” Local music.

26 June on 9665kHz at 2025 UTC with a SIO of 544. A Slavic language then English from 2030 UTC. News of “a remarkable holiday, the friendship of the Slavs celebrated on 25 May”. A feature on the monument of unity hosted by Belarus this year and a piece on 1992 events in Pridnestrovye, “Moldova and Romania wanted to unite and destroy the Pridnestrovye Moldovan Republic.”

I enjoy finding out more about your history and culture, and like much of the Pridnestrovye folk music. Because of listening to Radio PMR on shortwave I am now thinking of travelling to your country one day. What sights and places would you recommend I visit please? If you issue QSL cards I would very much like to receive one if at all possible. My best wishes to all at Radio PMR, Chrissy Brand.

About a month later I received a very nice e-QSL and an appreciative email to me. 

“We have received your message and are very glad to learn that our programme is listened in England. We appreciate your detailed description. 
Please kindly find enclosed e-QSL. It is very important for us to learn that the Radio Pridnestrovie has found our listeners and raised your interest. We have received letters from all over the world and your report is really very useful and important for our technical department. We will be glad to get new letters from you soon. 
Feel free to express your opinions and wishes regarding our programmes. There are many interesting sights and places here, please tell, what season are you going to travel to our country? With Kind Regards, Editorial staff of the Radio Pridnestrovie”.
 Their email address is radiopmr@inbox.ru .

Tune in on shortwave today. The British DX Club gives the current English schedule as 
7290kHz at 1800-1815 UTC (Mon-Fri), 2000-2015 (Mon-Fri) and 2200-2215 (Sun-Thur).

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